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7 Types of Mouth-Watering Snacks You Must Try

7 Types of Mouth-Watering Snacks You Must Try

Unity in diversity in India is not only among people of different religions but also when it comes to snacks, India is the most unique in this case. From spicy Chaat and Golgappas to Chhole Bhature, you will find a huge range of snacks in India.

Delhi is one such part of India, where you can taste the best of all types of snacks under the best snacks in Delhi. Talking about Naraina’s best snack shop in Delhi, Halwaivala is the most popular brand under it.

You will get snacks here with different flavours. The snacks in this shop are made with fresh and the best ingredients. Here, we are going to cover some mouth-watering snacks you must try.

Most popular snacks in India:

Although you will be amazed to see the list of popular dishes of the world, if we talk about the special snacks of India, then there are many such delicious dishes that can make you feel relaxed.

Food lovers, especially those who like to travel, also try the dishes of different regions. At the same time, some people who are not able to travel due to busy schedules, look for a place where they are served traditional food. You can prefer Halwaivala, one of the best Vegetarian restaurants in South West Delhi.

In India, you get to see different varieties of dishes made in traditional or unique ways. The deliciously flavoured snacks in different states, cities, or streets can make your mouth water. Check the list of some popular snacks below.

most popular snacks in India
1. Pyaz Kachori

The most popular snack available in Delhi’s market is Pyaz Kachori. It is the combination of lentils, onions and spicy goodness for an amazing flavour.

People eat it with great pleasure. Pyaz Kachori became famous from Rajasthan but later it became known all over the country.

2. Samosa

Samosa has been given the status of the best snack in North India. People like Samosa and sweet chutney very much. The taste of Samosa is different in different places.

It is quite crispy. It tastes salty. Its flaky and crispy exterior layer gives way to a delicious and flavourful inside of potatoes and green vegetables which are cooked and filled inside it.

3. Chole Bhature

Along with Samosa, Chole Bhature also started in North India. Today its popularity is so much that where earlier it was kept only in the category of street food, now it has also started being kept in the menu of the best Indian food restaurants in Delhi.

4. Pav Bhaji

You will find Pav Bhaji on the menu of Halwaivala. In Pav Bhaji, Bhaji or curry is made with a wonderful combination of various vegetables, in which traditional spices are also mixed. Along with this, you are served soft and fluffy pav.

There are hundreds of street-side shops of Pav Bhaji in cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Big and famous companies also give a lot of priority to Pav Bhaji in their restaurants.

5. Golgappa

We get to see Golgappa stalls everywhere. Golgappa is called by different names in different states of India but its taste is the same everywhere.

Most people prefer to eat Golgappa available on ordinary street sides rather than restaurants in the market. On some street sides, Golgappa is served in a very unique way.

6. Palak Patta Chaat

Palak Patta Chaat is not famous all over India, but people eat it with great gusto in many areas. Its taste is slightly different from other snacks. People eat it as a spicy and salty snack in the evening.

7. Matar kulcha

Matar kulcha, made by mixing peas, green vegetables, and various spices, is the favourite snack of the people of Delhi. It is indeed a delicious dish. For those who like spicy and masala food, it proves to be an excellent dish.

The Best Place to Try Snacks in Delhi:

Delhi is popular everywhere for its delicious dishes and rich taste. Not only in India but people abroad also praise the cuisine of Delhi. Be it traditional sweets or salty snacks, Delhi will win your heart in every field.

You all must know about Sweets in Naraina Delhi. Naraina located in Delhi is not only famous for sweets but also for snacks. Halwaivala is a popular shop located here, which also provides you with unlimited offers on every purchase.

The best part, our unlimited offers:

Halwaivala is located in Naraina, Delhi, where people from many parts of India come to taste its delicious sweets, snacks, and namkeen.

Along with this, it provides you with many varieties of bakery items like cakes, pastries, cookies, bread, pizza, pasta, patties, etc. It serves you the best snacks in Delhi.

Let’s know about its unlimited offers.

  • Matar kulcha

The most popular dish on the menu of Halwaivala is Matar kulcha. Here Matar kulcha is prepared with a brilliant combination of various vegetables. It is super good in taste and will create an explosion of spicy sweetness on your tongue.

  • Chole bhature

Chole bhature is a curry of freshly fried and freshly made Kabuli Chana (Chickpeas). We serve three pieces of fluffy bread with lots of spicy chickpeas.  People who come here eat it with great pleasure.

  • Unlimited chaat and vada pav

Chaat and Vada Pav are delicious and spicy snacks included in the menu here. In Chaat, you will find the most amazing combination of different vegetables. In this, you will feel the taste of traditional spices.

Helpful Tips before Trying Snacks

We all have a craze for tasty, spicy, and tangy snacks. Although this is a good thing, sometimes in excitement and hurry we forget to maintain hygiene.

Let us know about some helpful tips, which must be followed before trying snacks.

          Maintain hygiene at all costs.

          Make sure that all the snacks are freshly prepared.

          Before eating from any stall or shop, try to hunt for all the details about the place.


Indian snacks are delicious and unique in every way. In cities like Delhi and Mumbai, many big restaurants and even many areas are famous only for snacks. Not only in big cities but in every area of India, you will find delicious dishes in the form of snacks.

If you are looking for the best restaurant in the list of Vegetarian restaurants in South West Delhi, consider that your search is over. If you are fond of eating delicious dishes, you must visit Halwaivala located in Delhi, and try the delicious dishes there. It is quite popular for its delicious dishes.

It makes you feel as if you are experiencing the best taste and pleasure. In this, you will get an experience that you have never experienced before. You must visit here with your family, friends and colleagues to try your best.

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