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20% Off on All Bengali Sweets & Snacks, 7 PM to 11 PM! 20% Off on All Bengali Sweets & Snacks, 7 PM to 11 PM! 20% Off on All Bengali Sweets & Snacks, 7 PM to 11 PM!

Halwaivala Namkeen

Unwrap the most delectable namkeens from Halwaivala. Every bite and piece is a real memorial to a generation of expertise in taste and providing the best.

Halwaivala Bhakarwadi

Coming Directly from Gujrat, the Bhakarwadi are thin simple rolls filled with super tasty masala made up of lentils, spices and a dash of sugar.

Halwaivala Methi Mathi
Methi Mathi

Halwaivala’s Methi Mathi is created with fresh flour and Methi (Fenugreek) leaves that are fried to perfection, ready to be your finest chai partner. 

Halwaivala Fafda

Fafda, a Gujarati savory, is a beautiful crispy-dried twirl with the right amount of crunch and sweetness. Frequently served with chutney, yogurt, and green chilies. 

Halwaivala Dry Fruit Kachori
Dry Fruit Kachori

The Crispy shells of the dried Fruit Kachori are loaded with nuts, dried fruits, spices, lentils, and a delicious taste.

halwaivala Gol Mathi
Gol Mathi

A great recipe that’s adored by everyone and a perfect tea time partner and made with the finest ingredients from Halwaivala.

Halwaivala Tikoni Mathi
Tikoni Mathi

The Tikoni Mathi from Halwaivala will deliver the ideal crunch and a burst of distinct tastes to make it even more enjoyable.


Serving from Generations

Relish the authentic taste that has been perfected with generations of serving the best savories from Halwaivala. Each and every namkeen is a testament towards providing the best taste, and making you feel like you have been transported to that origin of these savories. Try them and you will love them.

Halwaivala Namkeen

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide the best and our products are made from the Highest quality ingredients. If you have any other queries and questions, you can find your answers here.

At Halwaivala, we offer a wide range of namkeen to tantalize your taste buds. From Bhakarwadi to Aloo Bhujia, Moong Dal, and much more, you will get what you need to enjoy these savory snacks.

Yes, the Halwaivala namkeens are made with the best ingredients. Each batch is prepared with high-quality ingredients and care to ensure that you get the real flavor every time.

Yes, we have multiple special or regional namkeens to serve different people with different tastes at Halwaivala.

Yes, we do provide bulk packaging options for Namkeen at our store. Whether you are planning an event hosting a party or just want to stock up at home, we do provide bulk packaging options for larger quantities. 

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