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Best Mithai Shop in Delhi

Bite into a world of real sweetness with several Indian mithai brought to you by Halwaivala, the best mithai shop in Delhi. Perfected over generations, indulge into one of the best mithai in India. 

Kaju Burfi

Kaju Katli, the thin diamonds of delight, is made from the best grade of cashews sugar with a hint of cardamom at Halwaivala, as the Best mithai shop in Delhi. 

Motichoor Laddu

In Motichoor Laddu, tiny besan balls soaked in sugar syrup are mixed to make a huge chunk that produces a gorgeous symphony of sweetness and wonderful flavor.


Made with milk solids, sugar, and cardamom, the Kalakand has a silky texture that just melts in the tongue. A special from the Best mithai shop in Delhi, Halwaivala. 

Shahi Pinni
Shahi Pinni

The Shahi Pinni is made with Khoya, Dry Fruits, Nuts, and other ingredients that will exude unique tastes and create a symphony of sweetness in your lips.

Khoya Pista Barfi

As the Best mithai shop in Delhi Halwaivala created a one-of-a-kind Barfi by utilizing only the best ingredients and pistachios available.


Made from soft, spongy Chhenna balls that have been dunked in delicious milk syrup. The dessert is garnished with chopped almonds and pistachios. A specialty of Halwaivala

Celebrating Sweetness and Traditions

Halwaivala symbolizes purity. Our Indian sweets are created with the best, freshest ingredients and plenty of love. Halwaivala, the top mithai store in Delhi, serves more than just sweets.


Frequently Asked Questions

We provide the best and our products are made from the Highest quality ingredients. If you have any other queries and questions, you can find your answers here.

At Halwaivala, we take immense pride in providing the most authentic and diverse sweets from India and other places of the world as well. From the tastiest Kaju barfi to Gulab Jamun to Indore or Rajasthani sweets, our sweets will satisfy your cravings for the best sweets from wherever.

Yes! Halwaivala used good ingredients and Desi Ghee to prepare our sweets and provide the most authentic tastes possible.

Yes, we at Halwaivala do provide special or seasonal sweets from time to time for different occasions, seasons, or festivals as well like Holi, Diwali, etc. 

Yes, we do provide customization or personalized packaging for any type of bulk orders like Weddings, ceremonies, corporate events, etc.

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