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6 Different Types of Desserts You Must Try in Delhi

6 different types of desserts you must try in Delhi
Indian meals are incomplete without sweet dishes, whether it’s malai kulfi, rabdi, motichoor laddu, kalakand, or ras malai. Indian desserts have always played a major role in enhancing our happiness, and they continue to do so. Every festival is incomplete without the saviour, the sweets.

Desserts have a special relation with very good news in our country, whether it’s good grades, someone getting a career boost, birth of a baby, acquiring a job, or starting something new are always celebrated with a box of sweets.

Indian sweets are not only exotic, tempting, flavoursome, and heavenly but are also easy to make.

Significance of Mithai shops in Delhi:

Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, Kulfi, Laddu, Ras Malai, Barfi, and whatnot are the ultimate solutions to our stress and give us the perfect snack break we desire. And if you are a Delhite, you just cannot say no to these sweet sweets.
If you are one of the Dilliwala, you need to introduce yourself to the authentic sweets and snacks only available at Halwaivala.

Halwaivala drives the legacy of serving the best north Indian sweets and snacks. Their sweets, cuisines, and savouries are made with fresh ingredients. When we say they are the best sweet shop in Delhi, you must believe it.

Halwaivala is a place with authentic and traditional mithais.

Delhi Best Mithai Shop:

Born in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, Mr. Arun Kumar built his dream, the Halwaivala. Ujjain is a city of rich food culture, Mr. Arun Kumar introduced his native culture to the rest of India.
Mr Kumar has always been a foodie since his childhood. Mr. Kumar had always thought of spreading his native food culture to a place like Delhi, and hence he built Halwaivala.
With a great love for food, and 40 years of experience in sweets, snacks, and cuisines, Halwaivala promises you a very pleasant sweet experience, assuring to create a sweet-tasty memory.
Let us offer you the traditional sweets and cuisines from all over the country at Halwaivala.
A-21/17, block A, Naraina Industrial Area
Phase 2, Naraina, New Delhi, 110028

6 Delicious Types of Desserts:

6 delicious types of desserts

1. Kaju Burfi

Similar to fudge, kaju barfi is a cashew-based Indian dessert. Kaju barfi has a unique shape like a diamond and is one of the most expensive sweets found in India. It is hence, treated as a valuable gift during any special function and festival.
These are some great celebration sweets and don’t miss the silver on the sweets. They are special as well.

2. Motichoor Laddu

Motichoor laddu is the most famous and popular festive gift offered across the country. Motichoor laddu is made with pearl-like small balls of gram, known as boondi that are first fried in desi ghee and then dipped in sugar syrup until they turn soft. Once this is done, they are then rolled with hands to turn them into laddu.
Have you heard the phrase- ‘Shaadi ka Laddu’?

3. Kalakand

Kalakand is a milk-based sweet dish originating from the northern states of India. Their preparation is very simple and can be made with just a few ingredients. The ingredients include Indian cottage cheese, sugar, cardamom powder, condensed milk, and sometimes rose water. They are considered the heavenly dish and are found in a variety in India.

4. Rasmalai

Rasmalai is the famous Bengali sweetmeat. As the name suggests, ras means juice and malai means buttercream. This dish consists of round and creamy dough which are made from traditional Indian cottage cheese (like rasgullas) submerged in sweetened condensed milk.
It is one of the sweet dishes that people love to have after their meals.
Rasgulla is the most famous sweet of West Bengal. I bet after having one, you will never miss it again.

5. Shahi pinni

If you are someone who can’t live without sweets and desserts, shahi pinni is the go-to option for you. It is a great option to enjoy the sweet wholesome flavour daily. They are flaky pastries made from split black gram flour cooked in desi ghee and sugar syrup and then garnished with sliced almonds and dry fruits. This is an ideal sweet that is quite famous in north India.

6. Khoya Pista Barfi

Khoya pista barfi is another dessert that no one can resist. To prepare this, milk solids (khoya) and sugar are cooked together to make a fudge-like consistency. Then it is transferred and spread on a plate. Once it’s cooled, it is cut into square or diamond shapes. And then decorated with pistachio.
Adding a little Khoya brings more healthy sweetness to sweets.

Why Sweets are Important in Indian Dishes?

Whether it’s a regular day, a visitor in the home or a festival, Sweets are always welcomed in Indian households. Not to say how many varieties of sweets Indians have. With the unimaginable diversity in the region, India’s state and even some districts have their unique sweets.
But eating sweets is not only about taste.
Sweets represent happiness, celebration, good omen, and prosperity in India. We don’t actually know the real origin of such belief. But if anything feels good, there’s no need to dig it up further.

Which Mithai Should I Taste First in Delhi?

If you’re travelling to Delhi very soon or are here already, make sure not to miss these colourful beautiful sweets in the Halwaivala. We would love to serve the real Indian taste to your plates.

– Barfi

– Rasmalai

– Shahi Panni

– Kalakand

– Motichur Laddu

– Jalebi

– GulabJamun

– Shahi Tukda

– Raj Bhog


At Halwaivala we create sweet and delightful experiences for you and your loved ones.

Halwaivala is not just a sweet shop but a place where you are served with love and get the best dining and culinary experience.
Visit us and get to experience the best mithais, snacks, and Indian cuisines.
Sweets play a special role in Indian culture. Every great news and every happy moment is celebrated with mithais.
And we are here to make your special day joyful with the best sweets and snacks.
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