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20% Off on All Bengali Sweets & Snacks, 7 PM to 11 PM! 20% Off on All Bengali Sweets & Snacks, 7 PM to 11 PM! 20% Off on All Bengali Sweets & Snacks, 7 PM to 11 PM!

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Purity is what we are at Halwaivala. Our Indian sweets, savories, and cuisines are made with the finest and fresh ingredients, and lots of love. The best mithai shop in Delhi, Halwaivala, is more than sweets. It’s a place to express and savor the taste and beautiful memories with you and your loved ones. A place for the ultimate sweets in Naraina Delhi.

Delectable Sweets in Naraina Delhi & Lots More.

Sweets & Savories

Indulge in sweet tooth or savories with our most authentic sweets and savories from Halwaivala

Convenience Store

Sweet treats, savories, and any exotic flavors under one roof from our convenience store.

Hamper Lounge

Create or Shop for the perfect gift basket for your special ones and make them feel special through our Hamper Lounge.

Fine Dining Restaurant

Indulge your senses with the most delectable cuisines and dine at the highest level of hospitality in Halwaivala.


From the cookies to cakes and breads, each bite is fresh and ready to be served for celebrations from a famous bakery in Delhi

Kids Zone

Happy tummies and happy faces! Give your kids endless joy with a special kids zone Naraina filled with toys and more at Halwaivala.


The Most authentic Delicacies


The most exquisite and authentic sweets that are made to melt your heart from the best mithai shop in Delhi


The perfect crunch for every occasion, the Namkeen from Halwaivala is a perfect snack for snacking anywhere.


Samosa, Kachori, Chole Bhature, and much more, treats from the tastiest snacks and more from Halwaivala


Create or shop the best gift hampers and gift these hampers as Premium Gift Hampers Delhi

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North Indian Cuisines

The most delectable and authentic North Indian cuisines are prepared by our best to provide the best. We bring you the recipes that you can enrich. The best and most traditional food of North India is prepared with the best ingredients and flavors to give you the traditional taste. From Chole Bhature to snacks and much more, savor the best taste you can imagine from the best vegetarian restaurants in West Delhi

South Indian Cuisines

Straight from the kitchen of Anna, we bring to you the traditional and authentic South Indian recipes that are prepared and made in the South Indian styles by our cooks, who have learned the art of Southern recipes from India. Whether it’s the Dosa, Idlies, Vada, or more, feel the perfect South Indian flavors as if you are transported back to your heartland.

Tandoor Se

Halwaivala offers the most delectable pure vegetarian dishes that are cooked to perfection from the tandoor. From the Methi Matar ki Shammi to those delicate and tasty kebabs made from spinach, bell peppers, and cheese aka Palak Ke Kabab to Aloo Dinaaz Kurkure, the Tandoori Menu is a celebration of fresh veggies and a fusion of aromatic tandoor cooking by our tandoor experts.


Embark on a special food journey of the world with Halwaivala’s Oriental Menu. We have created the full cuisine experience from the East. From melt-in-your-mouth dishes like Thai Curry with Steam Rice or the Chinese Platter or the Broccoli Baby Corn In Hot Garlic Sauce to Veg Fried Rice With chili paneer and much more. From the wok-tossed delights to much more, the Oriental cuisine experience is food artistry from Halwaivala to provide the best lip-smacking services possible.

Special Menu

With Halwaivala’s special Menu for all the people fasting on holy occasions, we present to you the Vrat Special and Navratri Special Menu from time to time. Each bite is a true celebration of flavors during the Vrat Season. From the Sabudana Vada to Sabudana khichdi to products made from Kuttu Ka Atta ( Buckwheat Flour) we ensure that you get to enjoy the taste of Halwaivala on your holy days as well.

Menu Image
Menu Image



The ultimate sweet journey towards your taste buds unwraps the sweetness of Halwaivala, The best Sweets in Naraina Delhi and almost everywhere which was created with love and traditions from many generations. Bite into a world of the authentic sweetness of different mithai from India. From the rich and amazing Kaju Katli to the melt-in-your-mouth Gulab Jamun. From the wonderful Peda to Barfis, Kalakand, and much more. Just indulge in the different sweets from Bengal, Maharashtra, South India, and more as Halwaivala brings you the sweetness of India in your hands. The best traditional and modern Sweets in Naraina Delhi.

Kaju Katli

The Thin Diamonds of indulgence, the Halwaivala’s Kaju Katli is the crowd's favorite. Made from the highest grade of cashews (that are ground to form a smooth paste) sugar and a touch of cardamom, each bite of Kaju Katli oozes flavors of delicate and creaminess. We use the best ingredients, providing the authentic and most delightful flavors for generations.

Motichoor Laddu

The power of every festive celebration, the Motichoor Laddu is the true celebration of festive joy. These tiny besan balls dipped in sugar syrup are combined to form a big chunk that creates a beautiful symphony of melt-in-your-mouth explosion of sweetness and great taste. With generations of expertise, every laddu embodies the expression of great festivities and celebrations.


A true indulgence of taste, the Kalakand from Halwaivala is just creamy, dense, and impossibly rich in taste. Made from milk solids, sugar, and cardamom, this provides a smooth texture that just melts in your mouth. We use the best ingredients, providing the authentic and most delightful flavors for generations.

Dry Rasbhari

A tasty expression of sweet & tart Rasbhari will make you feel you have a new level of sweet paradise with the authentic and generations of process from Halwaivala. The sweet treats are made from the highest quality semolina and sugar and later dusted in a layer of granulated sugar to give you a unique level of sweet expression. Each sweet treat at Halwaivala is made and perfected through the use of top-quality ingredients and lots of love.

Shahi Pinni

A great winter treat, The Shahi Pinni from Halwaivala is a special treat made with Khoya, Dry Fruits, nuts, and other ingredients that will ooze special flavors and a symphony of sweetness in your mouth. Halwaivala's sweet treats are made using high-quality ingredients and a lot of love.

Malai Chaap

A New level of sweetness in indulgence, the Malai Chaap from Halwaivala is a special mithai that can make you lose your senses in the sweetness of its taste. Made from Chena, Dipped in sugar syrup, and covered in Rabri, badam, and Saffron, this sweet is a must when you are at Halwaivala. For years, we have used only the greatest ingredients to create the most authentic and delicious tastes.

Khoya Pista Barfi

Passed down from one generation our Khoya Pista Barfi provides the most authentic taste and provides a new level of sweetness and indulgence. From using the highest quality ingredients to the highest grade of pistachios, we at Halwaivala have created a Barfi that’s special.


Call it the taste of heaven, Rasmalai will tantalize your taste buds. Made from the soft spongy balls of Chhenna that’s dipped in sweet milk syrup. This dessert is served with chopped almonds and pistachios. A Speciality of Halwaivala, it’s the treat you have to try here.



Standing atop among the bona fide North Indian vegetarian restaurants in Dubai, we bring forth an authentic experience for you to enrich in. With a traditional touch of Desi flavors and aroma along with a touch of innovation, you will be left with tasteful memories in your mouth. From Makai Palak to Paneer Malai Handi, we make sure we leave no stone unturned in ensuring all your favorite dishes are available for you to explore in our pure vegetarian restaurant in Dubai.


The best Samosas in town. The Flaky and crispy outside layer gives way to a tasty and savory filling of potato, peas, and dry fruits. The most known snack of India, Samosa is something that satisfies almost every citizen of India and Halwaivala just makes it better with the most authentic ingredients and generations of perfection.

Bedmi Poori

The lip-smacking and truly traditional Bedmi Poori and amazingly good Aloo Ki Sabzi are served fresh hot and ready to enliven your taste buds. These perfectly hot crispy and fluffy Pooris are infused with lentils and with the flavorful and tasty Aloo Ki Sabzi, a potato curry that’s filled with different spices. A great home-style comfort food ready to be served to you at Halwaivala.

Pyaz Kachori

A crowd pleaser and crowd’s favorite, The Pyaz Kachori from Halwaivala is just where you will not be able to stop yourself to just taste this snack. In a crispy and golden brown shell and filled with a savory blend of lentils, onions, and some spicy goodness that will give you an unforgettable taste. Perfected by generations at Halwaivala, this is a must-try.


Aloo or Paneer or Mushroom, we have the best patties in town that’s been cooked to perfection and the filling oh! So good that you will sing songs of praise of these patties. Made with the highest quality ingredients and spices these patties are here in Halwaivala for you to try.

Chole Bhature

The most comforting and amazing food in India is Chole Bhature. The food that can bring smiles and just the best food for anyone, the Chole Bhature of Halwaivala is served with the best ingredients. From the freshly fried Bhaturas to Kabuli Chana ( Chickpeas) Curry or Chhole as we call it, indulge in the great taste of this dish and lose yourself in the authenticity and great food tradition of Halwaivala.

Pav Bhaji

Just the most vibrant medley of different vegetables that are mixed and pressed together with some authentic Maharashtrian spices, Pav Bhaji is an ultimate tasty mess, and a crowd pleaser. This medley of vegetables or Bhaji is served with soft and fluffy Pao, creating an ultimate harmony of taste and texture. Enjoy the delicious flavor of this dish while immersing yourself in Halwaivala's authenticity and rich culinary legacy.

Palak Patta Chaat

A flavorful and tangy experience is waiting for you. Just get lost in the world of Palak Patta Chaat, The fresh Spinach leaves are dipped in a paste of Gram Flour and spices fried and topped and served with different chutneys, curd, bhujia, and more, the Palak Patta Chaat will create an explosion of unique tastes and textures in your mouth. Enjoy the delectable flavor of this dish while absorbing Halwaivala's authenticity and culinary heritage.


An Explosion of taste and a festival of the uniqueness of its flavors, the Golgappe is the ultimate delight. These crispy and delicate poori will be filled with chana, potatoes, and a mix of different chutneys, just creating an explosion of different flavors in your mouth. A beloved street food, the Golgappe from Halwaivala, is waiting for you!

Menu Image
Menu Image



Unwrap the most irresistible namkeens from Halwaivala, Every bite and piece of it is a true testament to a generation of expertise. We handcraft our namkeens from the best ingredients to provide an authentic taste and make you feel like you have been transported back to the place where that namkeen originated. With the generation of perfection, we provide a symphony of different tastes in our namkeens.


Feel a unique sense of bursting with different flavors from salty, sweet, tangy, and much more, and feel yourself getting connected to this amazing Gujarati Namkeen. Made of thin and simple rolls of flaky semi-solid paste that’s encased in with some of the best tasting masala - made from lentils, spices, and a dash of sugar. This unique namkeen from Halwaivala has been perfected over generations to give that authentic Gujarati taste.

Methi Mathi

Mathi or Mathri ( whatever you say) is a delight in every Indian house. Have it over a cup of Chai with anybody or just snack on it whenever you want. The Methi Mathi from Halwaivala is made from fresh Flour added with Methi(Fenugreek) leaves that are fried to perfection, and getting ready to be your best chai mate.

Matar Para

The melt-in-your-mouth flaky and crispy layers are made from fresh flour and spices, that are fried to perfection. The Matar Para is the best companion for Chai and gupshup or just snack it wherever you want. With decades of experience, we provide a symphony of varied tastes in our namkeens.

Gol Mathi

Open the world of great flavor with Gol Mathi. These crunchy and bite-sized ones made of gram flour or Wheat flour savories can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. The perfect companion for Gupshup and chai or just quench your snacking cravings with Gol Mathi. With generations of excellence, we provide a symphony of diverse tastes in our namkeens.

Tikoni Mathi

Tikoni Mathi is a triangular-shaped savory treat that will make you feel light and open the door towards a new level of savory tastes, the Tikoni Mathi from Halwaivala will provide the perfect crunch and a burst of set flavors to indulge it even more. With decades of expertise, we provide an explosion of different tastes in our namkeens.


A symphony of flavored textures and a perfect savory snack, Fafda is a perfect crispy-dried twirl that provides the perfect crunch and a pinch of sweetness. Often paired with chutney, yogurt, and green chilies, a great Gujarati Snack has been perfected with generations.

Dry Fruit Kachori

Indulge in the dry fruit and savory taste of Dry Fruit Kachori. The Crispy shells are filled with nuts, dry fruits, spices, lentils, and a flavorful experience. This festive special, a creation of Halwaivala, is our specialty. Just indulge in these amazing savories.

Serving Traditions & Happiness

Come and experience the richness of flavors and ultimate sweetness from Halwaivala, the most delectable Sweets in Naraina Delhi and almost anywhere. The taste of Halwaivala will linger with you as one of the best flavorful moments you had.

Great Offers on Thalis and Special Days
Indulge in the sweetness or savor the flavors of different cuisines on special days or for Grand Thali options. Get special offers on Thalis and other cuisines and snacks from Halwaivala to savor the best
Unlimited Matar Kulcha
Lose yourself in the best taste of Matar kulcha, where you get to indulge in the great taste of oh-so-flavorful; matar ki sabzi and get unlimited Kulcha to eat.. Get this offer at just Rs. 100/- at Halwaivala Now!
Great Offers on Chole Bhature
The all-you-can-eat Chole Bhature at Halwaivala. Indulge in the most tastiest and delicious Chole Bhature for 3 Pc of Bhature and Unlimited Chole for a certain time during. Jump at the great offer at just Rs. 140/- from Halwaivala now!
Chat-Vada Combo
Bring out the true foodie in you with the ultimate Chaat-Vada Pao Combo. Get unlimited Gol-Gappe, 1 Pc Vada Pao, and 1 Pc Dahi Bhalla at just Rs. 150 at certain times of the day at Halwaivala now!
Halwaivala Presents Premium Gift Hampers For Your Loved Ones


The Nutty Surprise is the best surprise hamper anybody can get from Halwaivala

The perfect hamper for celebrating love, or celebrating weddings and ceremonies.

Celebrate love and Affection through these lovely hampers from Halwaivala

Exquisitely Carefully Made Mithai


Standing atop among the bona fide North Indian vegetarian restaurants in Dubai, we bring forth an authentic experience for you to enrich in. With a traditional touch of Desi flavors and aroma along with a touch of innovation, you will be left with tasteful memories in your mouth.

From Makai Palak to Paneer Malai Handi, we make sure we leave no stone unturned in ensuring all your favorite dishes are available for you to explore in our pure vegetarian restaurant in Dubai.



Our Customer's Reviews

What our customers have to say about our Savories, Fine Dining, Snacks and our Sweets in Naraina Delhi.

Halwaivala provides a delightful dining experience with a welcoming ambiance and ample seating. The food quality is commendable, offering a diverse range of delicious options. Notably, the establishment maintains high hygiene standards, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for patrons.


The food is awesome and price is fair. Visiting such spots remind of Indian Food and the taste matches with the home place. One of the finest places to try Pastry and Sweet items. Quality and taste is among the best you can find. Everything is just perfect in taste

Shaili Shell

Wonderful experience. Lovely ambience and all items were tasty from soup to snacks to thali. It was decorated nicely on NYE with soft music. The manager Capt Mohan Chander was very cordial and service by Manjeet was exceptional

sangeeta sahni

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Halwaivala, the best mithai store in Delhi, serves more than just sweets. It's a place to share and enjoy the flavor and wonderful memories with your loved ones.


Benefits & what We Do?

Yes, we prepare almost all our delicacies and sweets in Pure Desi Ghee.

Yes, We at Halwaivala prepare most of our sweets in Pure Desi Ghee.

Yes, We have a full floor dedicated to Kids and it’s called Kids Zone. In Kids Zone, all the children of different age groups can have a fun time while you enjoy your favorite meals at Halwaivala.

Yes, dine in the most exclusive ambiance and enjoy the tastiest cuisines from India and all over the world in our Fine Dining Restaurant at Halwaivala. 

Yes! We are always ready to celebrate special occasions or any kind of themed parties at the Halwaivala kids zone Delhi. Whether you want to celebrate a birthday or do any kind of themed party or any kind of movie night, we are ready to celebrate these occasions and make them amazing at Halwaivala.

Yes, taste the most scrumptious street foods and snacks at Halwaivala and feel yourself transported back to the origin of that snack or the street food. Enjoy a full array of street food and snacks at Halwaivala today!

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