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How Can I Get Fresh Sweets Delivered Directly to My Home?

How Can I Get Fresh Sweets Delivered Directly to My Home?

Sweets are an undeniable part of Indian lifestyle. Whether it’s a celebration or a small family gathering, sweets add charm to the happiness of the family. But in big cities like Delhi & Noida, it’s very difficult to find such authentic sweet stores. Moreover, ordering sweets to be delivered at home is more difficult.

Take an example – you are not at home and suddenly your uncle & aunt, whom your family have blessed relations with, have come to your home. Now, of course, you want to treat them well, but there is one issue. No sweets are pre-ready in your fridge, and you’re not available either.

If there was a shop dedicated to making authentic sweets and delivering them to your doorsteps, the evening would become a beautiful memory.

Believe us, that’s possible.

In this article, we are going to share the ‘How’.

Famous Sweets in Delhi:

Famous Sweets in Delhi

Behind all the buzz of Delhi’s belly, this city holds a beautiful record of offering amazing foods to all. Sweets are therefore no exception and anyone can find real authentic sweets in Delhi. Delhi is a paradise for tens of sweets & now you can order them at your home. But before that, let’s dive into the most desired sweets in Delhi.

  1.  Gulab Jamun
  2.  Kulfi
  3.  Rasmalai
  4.  Rajbhog
  5. Imarti
  6. Balushahi

Benefits of Getting Fresh Sweets Delivered:

1. Convenience:

The first biggest benefit of using the home delivery system is the convenience of getting it. It’s only a matter of a few clicks, and you can get whatever you want to eat delivered at your place. 

At Halwaivala, we offer you the best deals so that you can sit in your home with Netflix or enjoy company with a guest while we prepare the premium sweets for your home. 

A delivery boy will get to your door and knock on your door in a few minutes after ordering. All you need to do is open the door, pay, and enjoy yourself.

2 . No Need to Leave Your Home or Office:

Nothing gets better than enjoying yourself at your home while you get all the tasty food delivered there. Especially if you’re an office person or stay busy very often, nothing seems more enjoyable. 

Think like this – you have done a tremendous task at the office and now want to enjoy your eve with your favourite sweet Rasmalai. But it’s the hot summer season in Delhi and going out is tiring as hell. 

Now you have two options. Either leave the sweets and sit at your home or go out on the road to buy sweets. 

The third option is like this – Order your favourite sweet from Halwaivala while coming from the office, freshen up, and enjoy music with tea. Wait for us to deliver your order at your place. Receive it and enjoy.

3. Saves Time and Effort:


With the convenience and ease of the delivery, you can enjoy your time as well. Not all of us have a simple routine. Especially in this competitive lifestyle, we all must work hard enough to make a good living. This requires extra time in your daily life. More effort and more money sometimes doesn’t let you enjoy even your favourite meals. So how about a system where you don’t need to put extra effort into getting your favourite sweets? 

Do you want to enjoy Rasgulla, or Rasmalai, or Shahi Tukda? Leave it to us. Order from us, and we will deliver it to you within a few minutes of ordering. Enjoy your favourite morning or evening sweetened snack when you want to relax. 

No extra special time, no extra special effort, just a sweet, enjoyable evening break.

4. Variety:

Varieties of Sweets

Halwaivala is your one-stop solution for your sweet hunger. Whether it’s Rasgulla, or Rasmalai, or Ghever, or shahi Tukda, we deal with authentic Indian traditional sweets. 

We have a long list of fresh sweets for our customers. Delhi is a paradise for sweet lovers and, therefore, we make sure that we present to you authentic traditional sweets in flavours and as fresh as possible.  

Here are some of the most famous sweets we deal in. 

  • Kaju Barfi
  • Motichoor Laddu
  • Kalakand
  • Shahi Pinni
  • Khoya Pista Barfi
  • Rasmalai
  • Gulab Jamun
  • Rasmalai
  • Rajbhog
  • Imarti
  • Kulfi

We Serve Freshness to Your Plate:

One of the prime USPs of Halwaivala is its freshness. We are committed to serving you the authentic taste of traditional sweets, which means you will enjoy the real sweetness of India. 

Coming to the delivery point, we have strict practices of making sweets with only the fresh ingredients and an authentic process. We pack it thoroughly and make sure you don’t get a leaking package at all. 

Moreover, we send you the fresh sweets only, cooked on that day only. Relax and enjoy fresh sweets for each of your orders.

Popular Delivery Services for Fresh Sweets:

Halwaivala is not just a sweet shop. We offer authentic tastes of sweets, snacks, savouries, and other cuisines. We make you feel like home with the fresh ingredients, taste like home, and lots of love. 

Come to our store and enjoy the real sweetness India has in its air. Moreover, if you can’t come to us due to your extremely busy schedule, all you need to do is to tap a few times on our website on your smartphone, and we will deliver your favourite sweets to your doorstep. 

Now, you can enjoy the joy & convenience of having authentic & fresh sweets at your home only. We are available on Swiggy and Zomato. You can easily order from us through them. Now enjoy your breaks with sweetness overloaded.


Want to enjoy the authentic sweets in your breaks but don’t have time to make an extra effort? Worry not, we understand this and therefore, Halwaivala offers the taste of real authentic sweets at your doorstep. 

Now, whether it’s a home party, family gathering, or religious function, we are always ready to pour extra sweetness into your celebrations. 

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